News September 2018: Workshop in the United States

Dear Horsefriends,

as with this post, the workshop dates for 2019 have been updated and we are happy to announce that there will be a workshop in the United States in September of 2019 in Seattle, State of Washington. You can find more information on our USA-page

The end of the workshop season 2018 is approaching, but there are still some courses coming up in the following months:

Basic Workshops:

ID Location Surroundings Dates
2018-GK-08 Moringen  Niedersachsen 02.11.-04.11.18
By our staff:      
2018-GKM-05  Weismain  Franken  14.09.-16.09.18
2018-GKM-14 Tankenrain  Bayern  21.09.-23.09.18
2018-GKM-16 Woltersdorf
 Brandenburg 28.-30.09.2018
2018-GKM-19  Bodelshausen  Baden Würtemberg  05. 10.- 07.10.18

Special Workshop:

2018-SSe-2 Moringen
The horses’ psyche Dipl. Biologist Sabine BirmannWorkshop fee: 290 €* (inkl. 19 % vat)  27.10.18 – 28.10.18

Intensive Workshops:

2018-IK-E-7 Moringen/Oldenrode for adults  15.09.-22.09.18
2018-IK-E-8 Moringen/Oldenrode for adults   10.10.-17.10.18
2018-IK-J-3 Moringen/Oldenrode for youths   29.09.-06.10.18


There is a new essay from Sabine Birmann:

Proud horse or poor creature? How to recognize and resolve trauma – An essay by Sabine Birmann

And for those of you who are on Instagram, you can find us there too:

And there there were made several wonderful video clips by our workshop participants, namely from the workshop mentioned in the essay above – this one is from Alina called: “Life”

Wishing you all the best,


Jaana Kern from the international Being with Horses-Team