Horsemanship – a critical analysis

Recently, one of my friends came to visit us to help make honey. Before we started, we sat down to have some coffee, and she asked me about a post that was shared in our Being with horses Group. She briefly described the contents of the post, and that she was disappointed to see that […]

Haflinger mare Alisa – Slideshow

In this video-slideshow you can see Katharina with her 4 year old Haflinger mare Alisa. Alisa is not a traumatized horse, lovingly raised and bred but she didn´t always respected Katharina. She was one of the horses that starts quickly to fighting when put into a situation she does not like, understand, or feel stressed. […]

Concepts – an essay by Sabine Birmann

I often meet people who live or treat their horses a certain way based on a “concept.” Actually, if I think about it, most people do this. I had to ask myself: what does the word concept actually imply? What does it mean? The dictionary describes it as “an idea, a general notion, a plan […]