Being with Horses … the mutual way to an extraordinary connection

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The Beginning of a New Way


On this sunlit Friday morning, we walk, my horse and I, amongst the frozen February countryside. At this moment in time we are in unity even though we are separated. I gaze at the first yellow flowers on a snow free hummock. My mare halts by my side as I pause on this walk. She is very ill and my desire is to share more of this outside world with her as I walk through the open fields, the forest and the small village as often as I can. Only at this moment, the flowers on the undulating edge of the field, the sun, and the horse by my side, allows a moment without sadness, just the feeling of living here and now. My horse and I; Over the years of choosing a different way to be with horses I have experienced a development of a bond beyond words. Is it possible to write a manual about this way of relating to understanding horses and their world without getting lost in a dry technical language? I will try to introduce the horse to the reader in a way that clarifies that this is not technology; it is more meaningful than that.

In our world, dictated by accomplishment and possession, where possession is more   important than living, there are still people who search for a different type of togetherness with these glorious beings called horses, these people hope for more than self-exaltation and fast achievement?  It is to those people we wish to show the key to horses and themselves. Nothing more…. nothing less…

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2008 Blu-ray & DVD:

BEING WITH HORSES … Power, Energy and Devotion … what horses teach us. (ca. 45 minutes) Price: 25,00 € incl.19 % vat (postal and packaging charges are free to private customers. For resellers it is to the usual conditions in Germany).


Ippikon/  ISBN 978-3-00-023381-4

A film produced and directed by Sabine Birmann and Ole Richter

Power, Energy and Devotion – doesn’t the horse stand as a symbol for that? Isn’t it our duty to preserve the horse as it was given to us by nature?

This DVD is supposed to show, that thisi s possible. The centerpoint of this film are scenes where horses demonstrate all their beauty, their pride and radiance in a work at liberty with their human partner.

Additionally there are 2 wonderful trailers by Ole Richter.

The DVD is no longer available.




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