Intensive Workshops

Intensive Workshops are for those, who have already participated in at least one basic workshop. They have the chance to continue to work with their horses over a longer period. A maximumof 5-6 people can participate and the workshops dures 6,5 days (beginning of the workshop at 16h the first day). The workshop fee includes the accomodation and food for the horse

The advanced workshops are 4 days long (starting at 10h the first day) for a maximum of 4 participants. The food and accomodation for the horse are included. 

You can contact us for informations about travel insurances.


Workshop fee:

960 € (incl. 19% VAT) for adults

700 € (incl. 19% VAT) for youths from 10-19 years old

590 € (incl. 19% VAT) advanced workshops

It is possible to stay in the holiday flat on our farm or about 50m from our farm (27 € /night/person plus 12 € per person charged for cleaning) that can welcome each a maximum of 3-7 people.


ID Location Workshop type Date
2023-IK-E-1 Moringen/Oldenrode for adults 13.05.-19.05.2023
2023-IK-E-2 Moringen/Oldenrode for adults 03.06.-09.06.2023
2023-IK-E-3 Moringen/Oldenrode for adults 19.08.-25.08.2023
2023-IK-E-4 Moringen/Oldenrode for adults  


2023-IKJ-1 Moringen/Oldenrode for youths 29.07.-04.08.2023
2023-FK-1 Moringen/Oldenrode advanced 28.04.-01.05.2023
2023-FK-2 Moringen/Oldenrode advanced 13.07.-16.07.2023
2023-FK-3 Moringen/Oldenrode advanced  30.09.-03.10.2023

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