Intensive Workshops

Intensive Workshops are for those, who have already participated in at least one basic workshop. They have the chance to continue to work with their horses over a longer period. A maximumof 6 people can participate and the workshops dure 8 days. The workshop fee includes the accomodation and food for the horse (8 days).

Workshop fee:

920 € (incl.19% vat) for adults

690€ (incl.19% vat) for youths from 9-19 years old only

It is possible to stay in the holiday flat on our farm or about 50m from our farm (24,50 € /night/person plus 10 € per person charged for cleaning) that can welcome each a maximum of 3-7 people.



ID Location   Dates
2020-IK-E-1 Moringen/Oldenrode for adults 25.04.-02.05.2020
2019-IK-E-2 Moringen/Oldenrode for adults 30.05.-06.06.2020
2020-IK-E-3 Moringen/Oldenrode for adults 04.07.-11.07.2020
2020-IK-E-4 Moringen/Oldenrode for adults 15.08.-22.08.2020
2020-IK-E-5 Moringen/Oldenrode for adults 19.09.-26.09.2020
2020-IK-E-6 Moringen/Oldenrode for adults 10.10.-17.10.2020
ID Location   Dates
2020-IK-J-1 Moringen/Oldenrode for Youths 25.07.-01.08.2020
2020-IKJM-2 Moringen/Oldenrode Mini-Workshop for Youths 01.02.-04.02.2020

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