Haflinger mare Alisa – Slideshow

In this video-slideshow you can see Katharina with her 4 year old Haflinger mare Alisa. Alisa is not a traumatized horse, lovingly raised and bred but she didn´t always respected Katharina. She was one of the horses that starts quickly to fighting when put into a situation she does not like, understand, or feel stressed. In this case, Katharina Alisa wanted to take off only the halter. In a good relationship a horse in such situations stands from reasonably straight before its owner. To standing straight in front of a person or horse means courtesy and respect from both sides. Alisa was not ready for that. The first 5 pictures show both of them in a workshop from 2014. Katharina had to earn the respect from Alisa at the time, by showing herself very composed and simultaneously insisting on her personal space in certain situations, because Alisa, as a strong, combative type, wants to respect their people. Katharina developed more and more to that person in the course, but you can still see in the last picture that Alisa’s eye expression still showed skepticism, and her eyes were not completely open. The following 5 pictures show Alisa on the last course the other day in 2019, 5 years later. Alisa and Katharina have grown together and Alisa now has a lot of fun in the ground work and wants to show Katharina, what she has “on it”. An aggressive potential will remain, but one only notices it in the game, where it threatens to appear if it is encouraged to rear. Instead, she shows her very feminine motherly side and she likes to be hugged. Katharina has not suppressed Alisa’s combative energy over the years, but simply diverted her into creative, playful ground work and riding in the nature, something Alisa really enjoys. Her pride, her power and her peppiness have been preserved and you could see that in the course were very beautiful for both. In any case, the two are a beautiful couple and we wish them many wonderful years together