Ebook: Being with Horses … a mutual way to an extraordinary connection by Sabine Birmann


English Ebook – Ippikon-Verlag ISBN: 978-3-9814711-1-3 – 180 pages, ca. 390 images


Become one again with the horse and nature …

Experiencing a few moments of time-less living in the fast paced daily life of our modern world.
Is this not the very reason why countless people feel so magically attracted to horses, these powerful, yet devoted beings?
To encounter a true connection with the horse, is to preserve it in all its strength, energy and devotedness, you have to learn to recognise it’s needs and characteristics. The horse senses the very core of you as it is expressed through your body language. It answers this
language, by giving you the opportunity to grow and develop as a person.
Only then can the horse devote itself and you can merge together, as one with nature.
This book introduces a path that enables you to discover this shared language, your natural body expression, your body feel and perception again.
With practical instruction, accompanied by a multitude of real life examples and pictures, it shows that it is possible to find other ways with the horse …

The Author Diploma Master Biologist Sabine Birmann was born on 10th of February 1960. She studied biology in Göttingen, specialising in anthropology and ethology. She has been intensively engaged with horses since the age of three, she commenced to lead seminars in 1994 and became independent in 1998. Together with her husband Dan she has made her passion her life career.

Ippikon-Verlag ISBN: 978-3-9814711-1-3 – 180 pages, ca. 390 images