News November 2017 – Résumé of the workshop season

Dear Being with horses-Friends,

Now in November the workshop season is over. It was again a very eventful year and more and more it becomes obvious that we have to refine our perception – for the good of everyone, not only the horses’. Only the one who perceives can recognize and only the one that recognizes can make changes. In those days, where challenges like the extinction of the species, the rapid development of artificial intelligence, interventions on our genomes and those of other beings, the loss of our own privacy and the suggestive influence of the internet, climate change, the growing gap between rich and poor and much more are waiting for us, it has become even more important for us to take responsibility for our own actions. It still seems that many people are or want to be blind for all of this and prefer to deny facts or blame others. How humans behave towards horses, how it is traditionally done and not questioned, shows exactly this and is in its small fraction transferable to the bigger picture. Horses mirror our actions 1 to 1 directly – lack of empathy, abuse of power, egomanic ambition, greed or stupidity. But they mirror in the same way also our positive development, if we permit it to happen. Isn’t this a huge chance for us?

  • Sabine Birmann