News – English book coming soon

The English translation of Sabine Birmann’s 1st book is nearly finished. Here is a first glimpse into it’s first pages:


The Beginning of a New Way

On this sunlit friday morning in February, we walk, my horse and I, amongst the frozen countryside. In this moment we are in unity even though we are separated. I set my eyes on the first yellow flowers on a hummock free of snow. My mare halts by my side as I pause on this walk. She is very ill and I desire to share more of this outside world with her as I walk through the open fields, the forest and the small village as often as I can. Only this instant, the flowers at the undulating edge of the field, the sun, and the horse by my side, allow a moment without sadness, just the feeling of living here and now. My horse and I; Over the years of choosing a different way to be with horses I experienced the development of a bond beyond words. Is it possible to write a manual about this way of relating to and understanding horses as well as their world without getting lost in a dry technical language? Even though I can recognize and respond to all the barely perceptible signals of the equine language intuitionally, will I be able to only roughly convey this unique experience that can solely be learned individually?

In our world, dictated by accomplishment and possession, where possession is more important than living, are there still people who search for a different type of togetherness with these glorious beings called horses, who hope for more than fast achievement and self-exaltation? It is to those people we wish to show the key to horses and to themselves.

No more…. no less…

For the workshops in Norway and France, participation with horse is still possible!

And here is another Clip, by one of our participants!