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Concepts – an essay by Sabine Birmann

I often meet people who live or treat their horses a certain way based on a “concept.” Actually, if I think about it, most people do this. I had to ask myself: what does the word concept actually imply? What does it mean? The dictionary describes it as “an idea, a general notion, a plan […]

Being with Horses … News Summer 2017

Dear Readers, The Workshop season is here and every week we get new participants and their horses. From time to time we share clips and photographs on our international Facebook-Page where you can check out the latest news. All workshop dates have been updated on this site and you will also find all the dates […]

News February 2017

Welcome to this new year 2017! We are very proud to announce the publishment of Sabine Birmann’s 3rd book in German: Mit Pferden sein … das Leben ist einmalig (Translation: Being with horses … life is unique) You can order the book on our official German site. We hope to bring to you the first […]

News December 2016

Dear Horsefriends, we are very happy to announce that the 3rd book of Sabine Birmann will be published mid of January 2017. It is already possible to preorder it on the German website: We are also working on the first English book and we will keep you informed on it’s publications date. In 2017 […]