All Basic Workshops 2019

Basic Workshops are for 8 to maximum 18 participants of whom 6 can bring their horse. The workshop takes 2 days 1/2, starting generally friday afternoon and ending sunday in the late afternoon. Our workshops adapt always individually according to the participating people and horses. The participants without horse take part in all excercises in body language. Basic Workshops are organized on our farm but also in different locations around Germany. We also love to come to your farm as long as an undisturbed scedule is possible.

Workshops with Sabine Birmann in person are to be recognized by the acronym GK. The workshops with Michaela Sauthoff-Kaiser and Birgit Meiler-Ahlers with GKM. Please read also our general terms and conditions.

NOTE: the workshops in foreign countrys often have different prices, so please look them up in their special category!

The workshop dures 2½ days starting friday 15 p.m.


Workshop fee (accomodation of participant and horse not included):

290 € (incl.19% vat) for participants without horse

390 € (incl.19% vat) for participants with horse


390 € (incl.19% vat) for participants without horse

490 € (incl.19% vat) for participants with horse

The accomodation for the horses brought to the workshops is to be payed to the respective organisators and depends on the way of accomodation and the service provided. In Moringen/Oldenrode this is 15 €/day for accomodation and food per horse. It is possible to stay in the holiday flat on our farm (20 €/night plus 10 € per person charged for cleaning).

The organization of additional workshops as well as individual attendance on demand can be arranged with us also.

ID Location Surroundings Dates
2019-GK-01 Moringen-Oldenrode
Southern-Niedersachsen  01.03.-03.03.19
2019-GK-02 Moringen-Oldenrode
Southern-Niedersachsen  22.03.-24.03.19
2019-GK-03 Bondelum Schleswig-Holstein  15.03.-17.03.19
2019-GK-04 Wietzen
Niedersachsen  08.03.-10.03.19
2019-GK-05 Bodelshausen
Baden Würt.  29.03.-31.03.19
2019-GK-06 Oldenburg Niedersachsen 17.05.-19.05.19
2019-GK-07 Maisborn Rheinland Pfalz 23.08.-25.08.19
2019-GK-08 Freudenburg
Mosel/ Lux. Border  21.06.-23.06.19
2019-GK-09 Tankenrain Bayern 20.09.-22.09.19
2019-GK-10 Freiberg Sachsen 05.04.-07.04.19
2019-GK-11 Ratzeburg Schleswig – Holstein 19.04.-21.04.19
2019-GK-12 Innsbruck Austria 13.09.-15.09.19
2019-GK-13 Zossen Brandenburg 01.11.-03.11.19
2019-GK-14 Wohnste Nord-Niedersachsen 10.05.-12.05.19
2019-GK-15 Kirchberg/Jagst Franken 08.11.-10.11.19
2019-GKF-1 ( 4 Tage) Cormatin France**  26.06.-29.06.19
2019-GK-for Wietzen Southern-Niedersachsen  17.10.- 20.10.19
2019-BCUSA-01 Seattle State of Washington** 26.09.-29.09.19
2019-GKS-01 Marthalen Switzerland** 15.11.-17.11.19

* The GKFor is a workshop for the advanced. It requires to have participated at least a an intensive workshops or several basic workshops. It dures 3,5 days. Price: 480 € for participants with horse and 380 € for participants without horse.

** Those workshops have special fees and conditions. Check out their country specific pages for more details.

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